Exabyte 210 Library Driver (2019)

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Exabyte 210 Library Driver

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Exabyte 210 Library Driver

When the cartridge is positioned for loading, abutment of the cartridge with a drive or cartridge storage rack forces the cartridge flush against the cartridge transport assembly. When Exabyte 210 Library of the plunger is detected, a solenoid carried on the transport assembly operates via a linkage to rotate the engagement fingers out of the cartridge notches.

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A pair of biased, retractable engagement fingers engage a selected cartridge when the plunger is sufficiently depressed by movement of the cartridge transport assembly toward the cartridge. A pair of biasing springs, Exabyte 210 Library for each gripper finger, are provided for biasing the gripper fingers in a direction toward a displacement Exabyte 210 Library.

Also provided for each gripper finger is a linkage element. Each linkage element has one end attached to the carriage member and a second end connected to its corresponding gripper finger. Driving the carriage member along the displacement path causes the gripper fingers to pivot between a cartridge engagement position and a cartridge release position, as well as a cartridge shove position.

Removing a cartridge from a drive is accomplished by forcing the fingers over the cartridge until the spring-loaded fingers snap into cartridge change notches.

Exabyte 210 Library Drivers for Windows 7

Thus, some prior art techniques of removing a cartridge require cartridge removal apparatus to contact a cartridge in a drive before the cartridge is actually engaged for removal. That is, either a plunger contacts the cartridge or engagement fingers ride over the cartridge and eventually snap into the cartridge change notches.

Such techniques are suitable for drives, such as conventional "full height" drives, in which cartridges partially protruding from a slot in a drive bezel are precluded from motion until actually engaged by engagement fingers Exabyte 210 Library the operation of removing a cartridge from a drive. However, some drives, such as the newer "half-high" form factor drives, do not necessarily preclude cartridge movement Exabyte 210 Library gripping Exabyte 210 Library the partially ejected cartridge is awaited during the removal operation.

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With such drives, any riding by engagement fingers around a cartridge tends to push the cartridge back into the Exabyte 210 Library, with the result that the cartridge is erroneously Exabyte 210 Library back into the drive rather than removed. What is needed is a cartridge library which removes cartridges from drives without having to contact the cartridge prior to actual engagement of the cartridge for removal purposes.

Especially desirable would be simple Exabyte 210 Library of an existing library to facilitate such pre-contactless removal. SUMMARY A cartridge library includes a Exabyte 210 Library tape drive, a cartridge magazine, and a gripper assembly for moving a selected data cartridge between the tape drive and the cartridge magazine. A bezel of the magnetic tape drive has both a gripper-tripping projection and two gripper-spreading cam members formed thereon.

SEP sesam Storage Hardware Support Matrix

The two cam members are positionally formed to cause griper fingers of Exabyte 210 Library cartridge gripper to spread apart when the gripper assembly travels toward the bezel. The gripper-tripping projection is formed in a position to abut and snap finger linkages and close the gripper fingers of the gripper assembly at the time the gripper assembly is to engage a cartridge.

The two cam members have a right-triangular cross-sectional shape in a plane orthogonal to a front plane of the bezel. The two cam members are connected by two parallel ribs formed on the bezel. According to a method of operating a cartridge library, cam members on the bezel of the tape drive are employed to spread sufficiently apart the gripper fingers to a finger spread apart Exabyte 210 Library.

In the finger spread apart orientation, the gripper fingers do not contact a partially ejected cartridge in the tape drive. The gripper fingers are maintained in the finger spread apart orientation using a biasing force on the gripper assembly.

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At a time that the cartridge is to be engaged, a projection on the bezel of the tape drive abuts the gripper assembly and overcomes the biasing force, thereby causing the gripper fingers to engage the Exabyte 210 Library ejected cartridge. The drawings are not necessarily to scale, emphasis instead being placed upon illustrating the principles of the invention. As illustrated in FIG. A magnetic tape cartridge, such as Exabyte 210 Library 42 shown in FIG. Near the rear of housing 32 is Exabyte 210 Library electronics board or circuit board 52 upon which numerous library electronic components are mounted, including processor or controller Controller 54 is connected to numerous sensors and encoders in housing 32 for controlling operation of library 30, including travel of transport assembly 50 in "Y" and "Z" directions as hereinafter described.

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As shown in FIG. Magazine 36 is selectively retained on mounting wall 34 by magazine mounting plate In particular, magazine mounting plate 60 has an unillustrated magazine support shelf; a magazine engagement mechanism 62; and, a pair of magazine stabilization and guide flanges Details of magazine mounting plate 60, as well as magazine 36, Exabyte 210 Library understood with reference to U.

Tape drive 40 is preferably a helical scan tape drive having a form factor known in the industry as a "half high" drive, such as for example the EXB family of drives marketed by Exabyte Corporation. In addition, tape drive 40 has electronics for transducing Exabyte 210 Library relative to magnetic tape in the cartridge.

Vintage Exabyte Exb 8mm Se/scsi Robotic 10 Slot Library eBay

In conjunction with library 30 of the present invention, drive 40 differs from prior art drives in being Exabyte 210 Library with a unique bezel As shown in more detail in FIG. Bezel plate 71 is secured to drive 40 by fasteners, including fasteners which extend through bezel side brackets 76 and are anchored in sidewalls of the drive housing.

Exabyte 210 Library 64 BIT Driver

Bezel Exabyte 210 Library brackets 76 extend orthogonally rearwardly from bezel plate 71 as shown in FIG. Bezel 70 differs from prior art bezels by having several features provided on a front surface thereof. Particularly, just below cartridge insertion slot 72 and centered between lateral edges of bezel plate 71 a gripper trip projection 80 is provided.

As explained Exabyte 210 Library, projection 80 is formed in a position on bezel plate 71 so that, when projection 80 abuts portions of transport mechanism 50, mechanism 50 engages magnetic tape cartridge 42 situated in drive

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